This is the video of the guy who got pushed under the train in Minnesota. The DA let the man go without charges today. It's a brutal watch.

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes is sentenced to 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy over plot to keep Trump in power

@cnnbrk He should identify as a chick and impregnate the whole prison

@cnnbrk Hell of a jail term for trespassing

@cnnbrk When are we locking up biden for pushing DEI and CRT on us? much more dangerous

@cnnbrk Welp, now he’ll longer need that eye patch. That eye socket will be put to good use I bet! 💀🍆👌🏼

@cnnbrk I am a victim of an organized crime and a worse form of "MK Ultra" performed by the corrupt sector of the "FBI" and its affiliated criminal and terrorist organizations, please see the following: - I would appreciate your assistance.