South Carolina Republican Gov. Henry McMaster signs a bill into law that will limit most abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy

@cnnbrk Republicans hate for women is just disgusting.

@cnnbrk Hope that they do blood tests to establish paternity too. Child support should start as soon a paternity is established

@cnnbrk It’s good these heavily impoverished states with terrible education rates and high unemployment are focusing on the important matters first

@cnnbrk Nope. Undo it. That’s not right

@cnnbrk This seems unreasonable. Most modern countries set the limit at 12 to 15 weeks. At 6 weeks, many women do not yet know they are pregnant. Hopefully we can learn from the rest of the world on this one.

@cnnbrk How many of these babies will be abused or abandoned by these moms who didn’t want them?

@cnnbrk Women don’t even know their pregnant before six weeks oftentimes. They don’t bother to speak to physicians before signing bills into law? Or?