Prince Harry cannot pay for his own police security while in the UK, after losing High Court challenge

@cnnbrk Give it a few month and will see a GoFundMe page.

@cnnbrk Police are not for hire. He can hire ex police, even ex-royal police that know the drill, that would protect him perfectly adequately. He wants police with guns, that is a no. If he would have won this, then every rich person with a cheque book could do the same.

@according2_taz @cnnbrk I really want to know how he got a couple of NYPD to help escort them last week, who freaking paid for that?

@cnnbrk #HarrySmollett & #MeghanHeard just learned the @metpoliceuk aren’t for sale, and next week, they’ll learn that the British taxpayer is no longer their benefactor. #TruthHertz