Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reinforces her warning to Congress that it has only a little time left to address the debt ceiling

@cnnbrk “Inflation is transitory”- J. Yellen

@cnnbrk I hope it happens to teach all these old people a lesson in what happens when you gamble with the stability of our government for political gain

@cnnbrk The whole government relies on the fairy dust the FED provides. The Government, both sides, act as if they have a choice. They don’t. The whole debt ceiling nonsense is a charade.

@cnnbrk Nouussaaa que manchete suave 🤣🤣🤣

@cnnbrk I hope it does so that all of these senior citizens can learn from their mistakes and never again gamble with the stability of our government in pursuit of personal benefit.

@cnnbrk As always at the very last minute they will agree on something, they just like working the people into a frenzy

@cnnbrk i hope it defaults! im buyin the DIP!

@cnnbrk STOP scaring the American people, especially those ignorant enough to think they won't get paid. @elonmusk