TikTok sues Montana over a bill that would ban the popular short-form video app in the state starting early next year, alleging the state's ban violates the US Constitution, including the First Amendment, as well as other federal laws cnn.it/3Mkdt2I

@cnnbrk Too bad pornhub doesn’t sue Utah.

@cnnbrk More countries should do this 💯 tiktok 👎🏼

@cnnbrk Blah, blah, blah, this is one. There are plenty different apps one can use.

@cnnbrk will be crazy to see in court what it ends up with 😵

@cnnbrk It's not like they could enforce it anyway.

@cnnbrk How can a foreign entity sue the United States under the first amendment? The first amendment was for the citizens of America. That’s weird.

@cnnbrk Is CNN going to treat our president the same as they did Trump for those documents classified even though our president had them even back when he was a senator what's going to happen to him just want to know