@britneyspears The world needs to apologize to the queen @britneyspears ❤️ ASAP, she is human, a mother, a friend, and this “pranks” is too far, STOP and LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

@britneyspears They didn’t enter the home so a wellness check was not conducted? For 13 years the public was lied to and Britney was forced to lie and say she was okay when she wasn’t. This wasn’t based on a prank call.

@britneyspears I think if you weren’t so cryptic in your posts people wouldn’t be so worried about your safety. We need to hear these words out of your mouth not in posts

@britneyspears So sick of TikTok theories & so-called "fans" always criticizing & refusing to let you live your life... I know folks are worried due to how extreme #TeamCon was & what they made you do. But we have to trust you to make your own decisions now that you're free. Love you Britney!

@britneyspears So who wrote this? It’s nothing like the caption with 911 in it that was posted minutes before the ig was deleted.

@ReaICOCKy @britneyspears educate yourself on the fact that Britney likes to troll y’all with good reason.

@Tinabell317 @britneyspears It seems strange that she was just fighting for freedom after so my years of isolation and now suddenly fighting for privacy? I’m not saying calling the cops was right but something about the situation just doesn’t seem okay!

@andysignore @britneyspears Yes people, let her live her life the way she feels and sees it; she has her own mind, her own dreams and plan and you're not going to dictate to her. Your idea of the way she should be is none of anyone's business. Go Preach to Madonna, Miley, Rosie, Whopie, Pamela Anderson.

@17andrearose @britneyspears I think she deserves privacy if she wants privacy…