I’ve missed going to the movies a lot this past year … so I’m SO excited to finally see @HitmanBodyguard on June 16th 🎥🍿🤩!!!! Hit it one more time @VancityReynolds @salmahayek @SamuelLJackson 🙊😜🥊 !!!! youtu.be/cPBGtKnNFuU

@britneyspears @HitmanBodyguard @salmahayek @SamuelLJackson Sometimes I think things will be toxic till the world ends. Then Britney comes along and makes me stronger and reminds me how lucky we are. Now I am getting back to work, bitch!

@britneyspears @HitmanBodyguard @VancityReynolds @salmahayek @SamuelLJackson Hit man body guard just have Jason of Friday the 13 as your body guard and just go “Jason “ and that will be that! Kane hodder as Jason was the best !

@britneyspears @HitmanBodyguard @VancityReynolds @salmahayek @SamuelLJackson The influx of BAYC members are being hijacked out of their collections due to poor OSINT and Privacy Hygiene will not stop. That's why we reated a full spectrum pattern of life privacy product custom made for the NFTCommunity Formerly for: #Celebrities #Politicians