From T.I. to Beyonce, here are Justin Timberlake’s 15 best collaborations.

@billboard Winner feat Jamie foxx 👌🏽👌🏽

@billboard JT does not miss. The Jack Harlow collab on Parent Trap. The vocals, melody. The clarinet has never sounded sexier 😝

@billboard I would remove the remixes listed and replace it with Where Is The Love with Black Eyed Peas and True Colors with Anna Kendrick.

@billboard Obviously "3-Way (Golden Rule)" with Lonely Island and Lady Gaga

@billboard @jtimberlake king of collaborations please can we get a new album soon 🫠

@billboard @jtimberlake “Love never felt so good” with MJ isn’t on here? Unreal…

@billboard Holy Grail is just that song. GOOD GOD !

@billboard "Until the end of time" with beyonce will always be in my top 5 favorite songs