tired of entertaining the notion they’re two different parties

@_bilaire vOtE tHe LeSsEr oF tWo eViLs / hArM rEdUcTiOn / jUsT LoOk wHaT rEpUgNiCaNs dO aNd TeLl mE bOtH pArTiEs aRe ThE sAmE / #VoTeBlUeNoMaTtErWhAtThEyfAiLtOdO i'm also tired of explaining how enablers ARE complicit in the bad behaviour of the other party. #TwoWingsSameFuckingBird

@thisisponytoast 👏👏👏 they’re all actors in the same theater troupe

@_bilaire It’s one big scary party and they got kids in the basement

@_bilaire You don't have to entertain it. Just cut the whole concept out of your vocabulary. Best term I've heard for this purpose so far is "uniparty," but of course you do you.

@jim_the_truth corporate monoparty is also a 👌 descriptor