be honest…have you looked up a pumpkin spice recipe video?

@JamieCoyle25 it's that pumpkin spice magic in the air ✨

@YouTube Nope, all ive done is update my channel and tried to make a custom url... but your doing updates/maintenance?

@YouTube No but i looked up on why am i losing subs? Like how am i came from 1.7 now down to 1.6 Can u tell me why if u have time

@FoxyRoblox_YT subs count normally fluctuates as we verify to see if viewers are unsubscribing, spamming, or closing accts. here's how metrics are counted ➡️ more tips for growing your audience ➡️

@ScorpionChief_ choosing your URL is temporarily unavailable while we update our system. existing URLs will continue to work but changes aren’t possible at this time. more details coming in the next few weeks!

@YouTube imagine a magnum dipped in a pumpkin spice latte... that would be legendary!

@YouTube no but i have searched up on how to get the dislike button back

@HithisG appreciate the feedback; mind sharing this with us, so we can make sure it gets looked into for future improvements? here's how:

@YouTube No cuz who wants to waste their time cooking some doggone pumpkin spice when a whole dislike button counter went missing

@dice_jacobs to clarify, the dislike button wasn't removed. we just made the count private to viewers, more about it here: