AOC is holding a military recruitment event. Fucking vile.

@SarcasmStardust What in the Unholy heavens is this?! ­čĄ«­čĄ«

@SarcasmStardust Yea.. IÔÇÖm good on whatever that is. ­čśé

@UnholyRom3 @SarcasmStardust An imperialist mole coming up for air (and another satchel of cash).

@UnholyRom3 @SarcasmStardust enlistment must be down in the Bronx gotta hook them kids somehow.

@UnholyRom3 @SarcasmStardust She's doing her job. Students can't attend attend a federal service academy (West Point, Annapolis, Merchant Marine, etc), without a "nomination" from their Representative or Senator.