AOC is holding a military recruitment event. Fucking vile.

@SarcasmStardust America is a good country and signing up for the military to defend America is a good thing.

@Tyler_The_Wise @SarcasmStardust the united states military does not engage in "defense", a nonsense concept for a country with a nuclear deterrent. It exists solely for aggression.

@GamerApocalymon @SarcasmStardust What do you know about defense? You won’t even take Ukraine’s side against a Russian invasion!

@Tyler_The_Wise @SarcasmStardust They're not "defending America," Tyler. America wages war to benefit itself, like gangsters wage crime to benefit themselves. BTW, Tyler, which countries have declared war on the United States?

@Tyler_The_Wise @SarcasmStardust Your 'good country' will be done with their current ally of convenience in due course and will throw them under the bus while heroically proclaiming victory.

@Tyler_The_Wise @SarcasmStardust American soldiers haven't defended America since WWII. No, we're not a good country. We're global bullies and we have never once, since WWII, been right about ANYWHERE we've sent out soldiers. Not once.

@Tyler_The_Wise @SarcasmStardust Defend from what? Not being able to stealing enough resources from brown people countries?