WORLDWIDE! Creators across the globe can now sign up and earn a living on Twitter. Tap on “Monetization” in settings to apply today. For a full list of available countries see our Help Center:…

@Twitter Sounds like news to me. Talk news with me @RealChetBLong tomorrow! Set the reminder! And ps I've been waiting 2 weeks now to get approved for monetization which I probably won't even use lol

@Twitter If anyone wants to see what a subscription looks like you can see for just $1 by clicking this button on my profile

@Twitter Not true - claims I'm under 18 but am in fact verified at 57 y/o wth?

@ClausCarlsen1 You need to set your birthday in the settings.

@Twitter i’ve been stuck on review for the longest time now 😕

@greg16676935420 @Twitter I will subscribe to you for $1 if you will subscribe to me for $2. You in? 👍😆

@Twitter STILL AWAITING AN ANSWER ON MY @Jayecane ACCOUNT, I was told I was locked out . I also bought verified organizations a day before , now it’s been 4 days since I’ve been able to access my account , No answer on email