@Twitter That little happy dance is something I wish for everyone though.

@Twitter good evening, my twitter account was hacked and everything on it was changed, is there any chance you can help me, the name on twitter was Fabian21

@Twitter @ElenbaasHier Thank you for all these years, we'll miss you... As Elon Musk takes ownership and guides the platform down a different path, we will never forget who started this company!

@Twitter @ElenbaasHier I would do a happy dance if I could figure out why I am getting notifications for right-wing posters I don't follow. It just happened for the second time. Is Elon Musk plugging right-wingers?

@Twitter @ElenbaasHier Change da world. My final message, goodbye

@Twitter @ElenbaasHier 1/ I was suspended (again) for telling someone they should jump off a bridge since they don't believe in scientists. The point was law of gravity, not that they should commit suicide. It's obvious to anyone who looks at the thread. Let me remind you of a couple of posts action

@Twitter @ElenbaasHier 2/ ...you told me didn't violate your rules: which includes this post: twitter.com/okboy1963/stat… And the post by Abdirahman, which basically called for shooting people, since voting them out didn't work. I think sane people would look at my 2 posts, and conclude the above