Real Leftist Warmonger

@fluxus2 Why don't real leftists get it. Russia simply has to leave Ukraine and the war will end.

@The_Liberal_Dog @fluxus2 Why don't you get it and ask why the west didn't simply leave Ukraine and Putin would never have attacked! Now it's too late; Ukraine; EEC; US economy; world economy all destroyed..simple?

@The_Liberal_Dog @fluxus2 The West had been arming and training Nazis in Ukraine for the last 8 years. They openly bragged about invading and doing a ‘war for civilizations’. People in Russia learned long ago not to trust the West.

@The_Liberal_Dog @fluxus2 Which war? There was a war in Ukraine long before February 2022. You know that ....right?? Ever heard of the Minsk Agreement??

@The_Liberal_Dog @fluxus2 The war can end if the US end it. Simple. And yes it is that simple… on 2 occasions the British PM went to Ukraine personally to demand Zelensky doesn’t negotiate…. What do you think about that?

@The_Liberal_Dog @fluxus2 Why don't real leftists get it. All the rich have to do is give away all their wealth and retire and the wars will end.