‼️| @taylorswift13’s tour promoter on Ticketmaster “[We were] required to ticket through their system. We didn’t have a choice”

@taylorswift13 "Ticketmaster’s exclusive deals with the vast majority of venues required us to ticket through their system" cnbc.com/2022/11/22/tay…

@TheSwiftSociety @taylorswift13 So Pink just had tickets go on sale. She only sold premium seats through Ticketmaster. The rest were sold through the venue website. In my case, it was mlb.com because she is playing at Fenway. So much easier and less expensive.

@TheSwiftSociety @taylorswift13 Of course she did. I saw Pearl Jam on the tour when they tried to boycott Ticketmaster venues. It was ROUGH. And really hard for people to get to the random ass venue locations that were also much smaller.

@TheSwiftSociety @taylorswift13 Ah, but they did have a choice regarding dynamic pricing.And if no choice, why did they ask if TM could handle the volume?

@TheSwiftSociety @taylorswift13 She could have always toured smaller venues that don’t have contracts with Ticketmaster. Oh but wait… she IS in it for the money!

@TheSwiftSociety @taylorswift13 Then fuck those venues. There are plenty others. "It's complicated to book-.." IT'S A JOB. If they want Taylor Swift, they'll bend. If they don't, someone else will make the money. She's in the ONLY POSITION that allows to have leverage against that system. Use it. Or screw it.