Thank you to Tesla owners for making Model Y the world’s bestselling car in Q1 this year!

@Tesla Yet another misleading claim re Tesla Model Y as “best selling”… Toyota Camry and RAV would be “best selling” since they are based on the same platform that also underpins Toyota Avalon, Highlander, Sienna, Venza, Lexus ES, RX… Platform > individual model 😂…

@Factschaser @Tesla Idk what Toyota is paying you but I hope they kept their receipt 🤡

@Tesla That is great news! And you're welcome in advance for Q2 ;-)

@mrmoneymustache @Tesla I see that CO is offering an additional $5K tax rebate for EV purchase starting July 1. Is this causing you any pain? 😀

@Tesla Simply the best❤️❤️…even for family of 5

@Tesla @elonmusk Hope we can add one more sale this year! Blue, long range, dual motor.