.@jtimberlake on @JaMorant: "Every once in a while, certain players come along and really change the culture of the game. Ja is emerging as a face of the NBA for good reason" #TIME100Next ti.me/3xYL0cy

@TIME @jtimberlake @JaMorant 🥷🔥 Nobody EVER played like JA‼️🥷😤🐻🔥

@TIME @jtimberlake @JaMorant Ja GOAT, Only NBA player to make the list!& He's a Memphis Grizzly! He's creating millions new NBA fans & role model integrity to kids

@TIME @jtimberlake @JaMorant Yesterday; Iranian government has arrested this young man just for this song, We have tough days in iran. Please be our voice. #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی

@TIME @jtimberlake @JaMorant Love this guy, he's not playing right now got an injury to her shoulder or something