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@Subscriptions @elonmusk I applied months ago and nothing. I was approved for subscriptions prior to being banned but ever since being reinstated, I can’t seem to get them back. How can I fix this?

@Subscriptions Please can you have a look at my subscription application

@Subscriptions It's difficult when you can't translate your tweets for more than 12 hours. What's going on? @elonmusk @TitterDaily @TwitterEspana @TwitterBlue @TwitterSupport

@isabellarileyus @Subscriptions @elonmusk They’re working on it (there are things to figure out with Apple/Stripe etc.) — I’m in the same boat as you (had it, suspended, restored, waiting) but they’re working hard to do it in batches. Just putting this here for anyone wondering.

@Subscriptions Thank you so much for Twitter Subscriptions. I'm loving it so far and I see a lot of potential in the feature! How about adding the ability for people to gift subscriptions? 😊

@Subscriptions @Twitter What's up with twitter analytics page? It's not properly updating data for more than a month now, is @elonmusk on a break?

@Subscriptions I applied for a blue tick on Friday but still no blue tick? I wish I could get it!