AOC is holding a military recruitment event. Fucking vile.

@SarcasmStardust What in the Unholy heavens is this?! ­čĄ«­čĄ«

@SarcasmStardust Yea.. IÔÇÖm good on whatever that is. ­čśé

@SarcasmStardust @UnholyRom3 I hope somebody/somebodies like Jose Vega shows up to this to ask some uncomfortable questions on camera. I would have @'d him, but I'm not sure which account is his. Does anyone know?

@SarcasmStardust @UnholyRom3 hey quick q how many elections has a party that isnÔÇÖt democratic or republicans won recently

@SarcasmStardust @UnholyRom3 So you believe in an all-powerful state hegemon, just not one with the ability to use force, let alone defend itself? Or is this one of them "we can only have a military AFTER the Revolution" type deals?

@SarcasmStardust @UnholyRom3 That's far from progressive thinking - it's US politics; a system based on greed, with war as a means to that end.