AOC is holding a military recruitment event. Fucking vile.

@SarcasmStardust What in the Unholy heavens is this?! 🤮🤮

@SarcasmStardust America is a good country and signing up for the military to defend America is a good thing.

@SarcasmStardust It’s not vile… the military is a way for people to get education and free healthcare for life. I personally wish we didn’t send kids to fight in foreign wars and instead used them to build bridges and houses here

@0noneoftheabove You shouldn’t have to sign up to be a terrorist to get an education. Yes. It is fucking vile.

@SarcasmStardust AOC has completely sold out. It’s better that we discover this now, than during her campaign to run for President.

@MarksRaw I mean, some of us have always known. But yes. Be cool if people would stop defending her and pretending she’s something she’s not.