Happy 74th to Mike Caldwell! Known as one of the toughest competitors in baseball, Caldwell was a longtime @Brewers ace whose 22 wins & 23 CGs in 1978 are franchise records. Helped club to AL pennant in '82. His @sabr bio sabr.org/bioproj/person…

@sabrbioproject @BrewerNation @Brewers @sabr @PhilHecken @Haudricourt @BrewCrewBall @ReviewngTheBrew One of Caldwell’s most memorable games was July 7, 1979 vs the Yankees. Reggie Jackson charging Caldwell and getting ejected, Billy Martin going into the stands after the fans, a Brewers walk off win, 3HR’s by Cecil Cooper and Thurmon Munson’s last game catching. 1/2

@sabrbioproject @BrewerNation @Brewers @sabr @PhilHecken @Haudricourt @BrewCrewBall @ReviewngTheBrew One of best games I ever witnessed. They were supposed to giveaway the new Reggie candy bar after the game, needless to say, it was postponed until a game later in the season. I remember the night they gave them away, most people just threw them on the ground. 2/2

@sabrbioproject @Brewers @sabr @PhilHecken @Haudricourt @BrewerNation @BrewCrewBall @ReviewngTheBrew If not for Yankee Ron Guidry, Caldwell would have been the unanimous choice for A.L. Cy Young.

@sabrbioproject @Brewers @sabr @PhilHecken @Haudricourt @BrewerNation @BrewCrewBall @ReviewngTheBrew Great guy too. He was a customer of my grandpas at Grafton service. Met him a couple times.

@sabrbioproject @Brewers @sabr @PhilHecken @Haudricourt @BrewerNation @BrewCrewBall @ReviewngTheBrew I remember Caldwell from his days at NC State (he was 1 year ahead of me in school). He was a tremendous competitor-one of the best LHP’s in college baseball.