FL Sheriff Wayne Ivey complains that recent negative media publicity about police is hurting their ability to retain officers.

@RonFilipkowski Maybe he could alleviate that by having a better police program.

@RonFilipkowski This is what they like to do, deflect the blame. How dare we expect more from them.

@RonFilipkowski I hear where the gentleman is coming from. However, it is a position that needs to be held accountable for its actions.

@RonFilipkowski Retaining Officer Herschel Walker on the force isn’t going to be easy!

@RonFilipkowski “The publicity surrounding my snake infested hotel rooms is ruining my hotel.”

@RonFilipkowski Sounds like he means it’s no fun when you can’t hurt, maim or murder people anymore.

@RonFilipkowski is that why he was front and center gushing over permitless carry?