FL Sheriff Wayne Ivey complains that recent negative media publicity about police is hurting their ability to retain officers.

@RonFilipkowski This is what they like to do, deflect the blame. How dare we expect more from them.

@RonFilipkowski HeÔÇÖs a crook, interfered with mulltiple elections here in the Space Coast, bought and paid for crook

@RonFilipkowski Who wants a job where you need to stay physically fit and not bully & beat up on people? Shesh.

@RonFilipkowski Every cop IÔÇÖve met always plays the danger card, If you take the 25 most dangerous job in America, being a cop is 22 on the list. Just a few jobs that are many times more dangerous, Loggers, Pilots, Garbage Collectors, Roofers, Derrick Workers, Delivery Drivers, Iron Workers.

@RonFilipkowski So Wayne Ivey is my Brevard County Sheriff, and while we have diametrically opposed politics, have to say he is an excellent Sheriff. So the thing is he can't keep his officers because he can't pay them a fair wage and other places can. Wish he would just say that.

@RonFilipkowski The Defund the Police movement has increased crime dramatically, in my view.