Grant Stinchfield: “This all could’ve been avoided with one simple move - Tyre Nichols could’ve complied from the moment he was pulled out of that car. If you watch this interaction, he never really complies until the very end.”

@RonFilipkowski There's a hand basket waiting for him for where he's gonna go.

@RonFilipkowski What was their probable cause for stopping him and pulling him out of the car in the first place?

@RonFilipkowski How could he comply? They were shouting conflicting commands at him. This is so ridiculous.

@RonFilipkowski I don’t think this is a particularly persuasive argument as to why some gang in cops uniforms should have bashed Tyre to death.

@RonFilipkowski The standard Nazi styled explanation to justify murder. America is riddled with these fascist. Why does the media give them airtime?

@RonFilipkowski Sure, Grant. If #TyreNichols stops whining about those face punches the Scorpions read him his rights and take him to Burger King. #MemphisPolice

@RonFilipkowski Being uncompliant neither gives these 5 officers the authority nor the right to beat an unarmed man to death. Implying it does or infusing race into it, are just excuses. It takes away from their individual accountability/responsibility & puts the blame on someone/something else.

@RonFilipkowski This doesn't excuse what the officers did in the end, but it is a cautionary tale to those who think that resisting the police is a viable option.

@RonFilipkowski He didn’t comply but the cops need to find ways to get a person to comply.