This is Nikki’s second tweet ever about CRT, the other is recent. While Republicans spent two years raging about this, not a word from Nikki. It’s sad what these people think they have to do and say to pander to a deranged base when the ambition kicks in for higher office.

@RonFilipkowski She was the only member of Trump’s cabinet to be confirmed unanimously with the idea that she was gonna be the adult in the room. Boy, was everyone so wrong.

@RonFilipkowski Says the dark-skinned woman who won’t use her real name

@medowlen_78 @RonFilipkowski What? Really? And she thought the stripper name was better? Sounds like she should be working a pole.

@Pullma_Pfanger @RonFilipkowski @NikkiHaley should be totally ashamed of herself. What a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!