Ari did a good job with the J6 and pardon questions.

@RonFilipkowski Gaetz is calling all of those who testified he requested a pardon liars?

@RonFilipkowski That's good news. On MSNBC I only watch Ari, Jackson, Rachel, and O'Donnell, and for a moment I wondered if I was losing Ari over to the "fair and balanced" CNN nonsense (versus "truth" and "facts").

@RonFilipkowski Ari needed to make a much bigger deal that Gaetz is accusing 3 people of perjury. Gaetz is a straight up seditionist who was on the side of the insurrectionists. Had them & the grand plot succeeded, he’d be defending that to Ari.

@RonFilipkowski He always does a good job. He's smart, respectful, and calm.

@RonFilipkowski @AriMelber You need to hold up cue cards False. LYING. Stop lying.

@RonFilipkowski Are the mainstream media FINALLY getting the message that the short term pursuit of ratings may not be in their long term interests?

@RonFilipkowski And it will all be exploited by the conservative media ecosystem. What mattered to Gaetz wasn't the questions nor the answers it was the access. He won.

@RonFilipkowski He doesn’t do a good job at anything and giving fascists air time to debate is a losing proposition.