He helped motivate me to switch parties.

@RonFilipkowski I don't think anybody has voted ÔÇťforÔÇŁ anyone in decades.

@RonFilipkowski I'm going to bet you have a whole lot of defense stocks.

@RonFilipkowski So is Hume using reverse psychology to try to get R primary voters to back Boots ­čĹóbecause ÔÇťthe Dems want TrumpÔÇŁ?

@RonFilipkowski I think Printing Presses Helped the 81 Million Votes. Biden had 15 People at Rallys

@RonFilipkowski Are you pro-life then, are you pro-trickle down, are you pro-anything conservative. I have a problem with turncoats who were never their previous party to begin with, and don't seem to maintain any reasonable views at all.