These are both Jim Jordan. In case there is anyone left who thinks ‘House Judiciary GOP’ doesn’t exist solely for Jim to agree with himself.

@RonFilipkowski If American citizens should be able to vote in American elections then why not make DC and Puerto Rico states?

@RonFilipkowski Isn't the House Judiciary Committee supposed to focus on things related to the...IDK...Judiciary system?

@RonFilipkowski It’s like having a burner account except absolutely everyone knows who runs the account.

@RonFilipkowski Isn't that right Jim? Yes that's right and that's a very good point Jim I must say you're looking very handsome today Jim Why thank you Jim I thought I'd try a departure from my no jacket look and switch to a sweater That's a capital idea Jim, those folks won't know what hit em😉

@RonFilipkowski there is zero evidence of non citizens voting in national elections

@BrainRage @RonFilipkowski DC residents can only vote in Presidential elections,they get 3 electoral vote,PR + other US Territories can only vote in Primaries