Hit up our IG for more details!! (Or let me know on here personally!!) @dhbc_sb @diehardboltclub

@guillermo93ruiz @dhbc_sb @diehardboltclub @Reekayy this seems a bit much, are you raising money for a charity or just trying to make a bunch of money off of one jersey?

@LAFAN692 @guillermo93ruiz @dhbc_sb @diehardboltclub Do you truly believe I’m making money ? Lol bro who ever you are I’m pretty sure you’re a troll but no one in this club makes a dime. We actually put in a lot of our own money.

@Reekayy @LAFAN692 @guillermo93ruiz @dhbc_sb @diehardboltclub It’s really the ones without a profile picture that do the most talking! Keep doing what you guys are doing! ⚡️🏈