The worst defense in the league. With backup CBs. I absolutely cannot stress this enough

@Peter_Bukowski QB hasnt been very good but neither has the OL. Getting thrown around.

@Peter_Bukowski What are the lions doing that only seems to stop lafleur?

@Peter_Bukowski Yep, big reason is QB. Rodgers has lost a step, either physically and/or mentally. It’s time to move on. If he doesn’t retire, you trade him and go with Love. Take whatever cap hit is needed to have that happen.

@SkolCash @Peter_Bukowski Lions have a better DVOA than the Packers. You would actually expect them to win a close game.

@Peter_Bukowski and again don’t want to say he is the sole reason or anything; but he isn’t the reason they are winning. He isn’t the player who is rising up the level of others. He isn’t having the highest paid player in league performances

@Peter_Bukowski Packers energy looked suspect from the get-go. Lions came out with fire in the belly despite nothing to play for but pride. This loss is on the coaching staff.

@Peter_Bukowski I was hoping for a Seattle loss so that the Packers wouldn’t underestimate Lions motivation. Fears confirmed.