Today we learned that more folks than ever before signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. From Nov. 1 to Jan. 15, over 16.3 million Americans signed up – double the first ever ACA Open Enrollment. Our efforts are delivering record-breaking results.

@POTUS If by record-breaking results, you mean record high inflation, homelessness, debt, and energy costs…… Print some more money and send it to Ukraine. Great job.

@POTUS Health insurance costs have risen at the fastest pace EVER on Biden’s watch. That’s the “record breaking result” he’s “delivered.”

@POTUS The ACA is what allows me to afford health insurance since I was laid off in 2019. If not for the ACA I wouldn't be able to afford it. I'm not yet old enough for Medicare, so this is my only option. THANK YOU and President Obama for ensuring I wouldn't be left out in the cold.

@POTUS What health care plan are You signed with??

@POTUS Over 17.5 million, in fact (@CMSGov *really* needs to start including BHP enrollees in their totals):…

@POTUS What this really means is people are losing their full time jobs with benefits so are left needing to get healthcare through the ACA market since your economy is leaving people working part time or not at all.

@AlisonBoxxer @POTUS Wow, every single line of this is a verifiable lie. Great job.

@LeeAnneWrites @POTUS If we had a decent president you would have been able to find a new job in that time and get health benefits from that. But as we are losing full time jobs now you likely won’t.