Peace of mind 🌊

@Cristiano I might get slandered for this, ive been a ronaldo fan my entire life, but after seeing that messi succeds with Argentina and ronaldo with juve shuts down the narrative "Ronaldo succeds everywhere he goes", Messi oficialy becomes my GOAT and Ronaldo goes down to top 5 in my list.

@NoloFCB @Cristiano After seeing this I have come to the realization that my idol Pionel Pendres Pessi is a finished statpadder. Sadly his Balon d'ors don't count and he has mickey mouse trophies. Sadly he gets carried all the time because he's finished. I'm ashamed to be a Pessisexual

@PogbaSzn5 @NoloFCB @Cristiano You should be ashamed if you saying Messi is a statpadder

@NoloFCB @Cristiano Messi hasn’t won La Liga or Champions for the past consecutive years! So I think they are even! 😬