After watching the Anime now I can’t even moved on from 【 86 Eighty SIX】 #86エイティシックス one of the best Anime ever exist, love Shin and Lena so much, they’re too cute 🥹✨💖🫶🏻wish I could draw a lot of fan art from now on! #ヴラディレーナ・ミリーゼ #シンエイ・ノウゼン

@NOI1118 So adorable!!! Shin reaching out to hold Lena’s hand! 🥺💕

@nat_cat_art Our Shin always reaching out to everything of Lena without realizing, what a bless couple 🥹💗🫶✨

@NOI1118 I totally understand you, I’ve watched last episode today. I were crying because of happiness, I’m glad to see they are united now. So maybe I would read the novel itself, cuz I can not wait for third season.

@wiedymi I agreed, honestly I couldn't help it but cried every episode, lots of fan still waiting for the update season, yet same as any fan, I couldn't wait that long either, and just bought the novel today 😂