@darrenrovell Here’s a story nobody leaked to you over the weekend but I’ll give you rn, dog: @AEW got a big victory over WWE after WWE aggressively extended their Friday show 30 minutes & loaded it up head-to-head 10-10:30pm vs #AEWRampage, with AEW Rampage winning 328k to 285k (+15% margin).

All of these tweets are really gonna turn people off on the product. Do the majority of fans really care about ratings that much? I sure as hell don't. Just put on a good show and let that do all the talking. twitter.com/TonyKhan/statu…

@PBallantine95 It is getting ANNOYING. The president/CEO of a company bragging about numbers that most people won't understand is silly

@MichaelLatina Image Vince McMahon everyday bragging about ratings like who gives a flying Fuck about Ratings Tony Khan needs to just shut up and put on a good show let that do the talking not ratings Idc for ratings