Here's our piece from last night on coronavirus:

@LastWeekTonight I actually have several friends that are currently refusing to take it serious bc they believe that media has freaked out waay too many times about things in the past so they believe that it's just media hype right now.

@LastWeekTonight J.O. You are the only reason that I pay for HBO every month. My husband likes Bill Maher. Last night Coronavirus information I hope will be helpful for your fans that are not up to speed. Buy the Fanatic!

@LastWeekTonight Trump has self-serving delusions about many things, including #coronavirus. If he encourages his base to keep flocking to his ego-stroking rallies, is he setting his political ecosystem up for some kind of Darwin event? That would be a sad but fitting way for him to lose in 2020.

@LastWeekTonight Umm... the same Iranian official from your segment last night died. This shit is serious! ­čśÉÔÇŽ

@LastWeekTonight Don t care what The mad dog englishman oliver says just send him back to Mother England. Get rid of him.