Julius Caesar was 32 years old and as he looked at a statue of Alexander the Great, he began to cry. But why was this 32-year-old Caesar crying?

Caesar had stood before Alexander's statue in Gades (city of Cadiz in Spain today) while visiting the Temple of Hercules. He was serving as a quaestor during this period, which basically means a low-level financial administrator.

Caesar was not good with money at this time... He would spend lavishly and racked up tremendous debt.

@KnowledgeArchiv Alexander conquered the world. His teacher was Aristotle who was taught by Plato who was taught by Socrates. He once burned his carriage before his entire army before demanding they burn theirs so they could travel faster. Brilliant LEADER. IÔÇÖd cry too!

@KnowledgeArchiv I read thread Then read this book: sanipanhwar.com/History%20of%2ÔÇŽ Then bought the below statue Thank you for inspiring me with this story & will continue to inspire me every day.