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@KimKardashian @SKKN Yes and hopefully Makeup ­čĺä Line ­čĄŹ­čą░

@KimKardashian @SKKN Again we love you from Iraq ­čç«­čçÂÔŁĄÔÖą

@KimKardashian @SKKN Hello kim,...Let me know if there is any free skin cream­čśť

@KimKardashian @SKKN Summer is coming and rent is going up once more shine bright like a diamond of sweat not for going on vacation but for working hard ­čśô

@KimKardashian @SKKN @KimKardashian I Wana get for my mum I'm from Nigeria ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

@KimKardashian @SKKN I wanna buy your skin care line queen but I got laid off and can't afford to lose my children's lunch money over its sleek physique.

@KimKardashian @SKKN Don't waste your money on kartrashian krap!kancel everything Kartrashian and do away with SkumK!