Sorry sorry I’m here! Sorry had to pull up to the Blink 182 concert I did NOT forget about you guys

@KimKardashian “Yet those that have an affection for money, like an artist for their art or a parent for their child, Are very difficult to deal with, at times, to put it mild. For them, money is not just of use, but a manifestation of their own creation. It’s like they’ve become a great……

@KimKardashian Kim, I have to say that even tho I’m not a mom yet, I know that you’re such a good one, that last scene really made it clear 🤍

@KimKardashian I'm about to watch the new episode, but I'm rewatching the last couple of episodes prior to it

@KimKardashian Okay,... I must ask, do you'll wear U wigs then use tape-ins for the part that's on top?