Thank you @iHeartRadio for this nomination✨📸 I am SO honored to represent the #holyfvcktour in this category! Thank you @ddlovato for bringing me along this wildly beautiful journey 💖💖💖 To vote, tweet using these hashtags #angelokritikos #favetourphotographer #iHeartAwards

@KRITIKOZZZ @iHeartRadio @ddlovato will vote if you make a file of all the fan photos you took at tour!!

Some countries can also vote online 50x a day at 💖 Let’s do this!

@KRITIKOZZZ @ddlovato @iHeartRadio In an earlier tweet you said you loved everyone and yet you are desecrating our Christian symbols in order to shock and sell albums. That is not love that is selling out. You need to renounce what you have done and apologize.

@KRITIKOZZZ @ddlovato @iHeartRadio Island Records sabotaged Demi Lovato. -Did not add 29 or Cool for the Summer to Today’s Top Hits after blowing up on Tiktok. -Did not provide Demi with any playlisting for last era. -Last radio deal was for I Love Me. -Audio for SOMT music video is messed up to this day.