Wake up babe, postseason pitching staff rankings just dropped.

@BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Padres offense must be top 3 then, only way to explain how they made the playoffs with such a bad pitching staff

@DatDudeEDub @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger ­čśä, they ranked the offense #10. We might not win but SD usually plays better as the underdog. 10. Padres MLB ranks: 13th in wRC+ (102), 14th in runs (691), 15th in wOBA (.308) and OPS (.699)