IN MEMORIAM: “To all the Members of Congress who are leaving us too soon. They are gone but not forgotten.”

@JaredEMoskowitz Jared, you represent Boca well! I’m curious as to your thoughts on the UAP legislation and what happened behind the scenes? Will the public get any good info that’s been hidden behind classification. Why the radio silence from Rubio and Gillibrand when this was being debated? We…

@JaredEMoskowitz Literally you have me in tears right now. 😎

@JaredEMoskowitz ROFLMAO This is just the funniest I've seen all day. That is so great. I just can't stop laughing.

@JaredEMoskowitz Anyone else waiting for Kitara’s burn book to come out? You know she’s going to write one… Revenge is her middle name. Name names Kitara! George is a perfect example of why Congress is in shambles. No wonder the DOD gutted the UAP Defense Amendment.