#justintimberlake’s solo debut album “justified” was released 20 years ago today! the album featured the songs “cry me a river,” “like i love you,” and “rock your body” 🎶🔥 @jtimberlake

@Genius @jtimberlake Thank The Neptunes for this album everyone.

@Genius @jtimberlake This album is a MASTERPIECE. I just jammed to it a couple days ago and I still get my entire LIFE. The Neptunes and Timbaland did what the fuck needed to be done. And Justin solidified himself as one of pop’s greatest acts of the 21st century. One of the best solo debuts EVER!

@Genius @jtimberlake And it was just released in Dolby Atmos. Added to the collection. Every track that is in Atmos in 50 playlists: music.apple.com/profile/AllDol…