Wake up babe, postseason pitching staff rankings just dropped.

@BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Wow, I believe the MLB account just provided the Padres with the literal definition of bulletin board material. I really hope that we prove them so wrong this weekend.

@trojandude12 @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Why? They are 11th overall in ERA for the season. The only playoff team that has a worse ERA then the padres is the blue jays. All of the playoff teams have good staffs but according to the numbers this list is about right.

@Jhausen28 @trojandude12 @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Imagine thinking a team ERA for the full year is the most important stat to determine how good a playoff pitching core can be … it’s 2022 man not 1969😂

@FrostyDFS @trojandude12 @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger It’s all about how hot or cold a team is going into or during the playoffs. The overall season ERA though is usually a pretty good indicator of how good a team is at pitching. Hence why the higher ERA teams are wild cards. There’s a reason why the Phillies are last WC + worst ERA