This week, George Santos listed a man as his Campaign Treasurer, against his wishes, and then proceeded to forge the mans signature on his federal campaign filings, without his consent. That is a federal crime.

Corrupt Cuomo & his taxpayer funded staff were writing his vanity memoir (making him millions) all while seniors were dying in nursing homes due to his illegal policies. This is Albany corruption at its WORST. Andrew Cuomo must be held accountable.…

@EliseStefanik You are with Santos. One of the biggest liars, one of…. You knew his crimes and lies and still went with it. You are also a liar.

@EliseStefanik I'm old enough to remember when @RepStefanik tweeted 100 times a day about inflation and how that was the GOP's top priority. They had a plan to fix it, they said. We're still waiting....

@EliseStefanik What about corrupt George Santos? You just gonna pretend you didn't endorse him?

@EliseStefanik Poor Elise. Trying to deflect from the fact that she supported Santos Fraudulenta

@EliseStefanik Jorge Santos or whatever. How about holding him accountable?

@EliseStefanik Seems to me, before you hold all these other people accountable, you should hold yourself accountable. Your lies and rhetoric killed 10 people in Buffalo. The failed coup you participated in led to people's death. I want you held accountable.