LISTEN ­čô╗ I joined @BreitbartNews Saturday on @SiriusXMPatriot with @mboyle1 to discuss the blatant politicization of the FBI and how House Republicans will hold these agencies accountable to the American people.

@EliseStefanik @BreitbartNews @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 "The blatant politicization of the FBI" = "We tried to overthrow the government, you're saying that's against the law now???"

@EliseStefanik @BreitbartNews @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 Why say to hold the FBI accountable to the people? We both know the GOP does nothing for the people.

@EliseStefanik @BreitbartNews @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 There is no chance of any meaningful legislation coming from this subcommittee - particularly, legislation that delivers real results that improve the lives of everyday Americans. What a waste of time and money when Congress could be doing so much good for the country. Very sad.

@EliseStefanik @BreitbartNews @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 Because if there's one thing you can't tolerate it's corruption in our political system?

@EliseStefanik @BreitbartNews @SiriusXMPatriot @mboyle1 Bill Barr killed the SDNY investigation into Trump! Investigate that!