Congratulations to my friend @GOPChairwoman on her hard fought victory to earn another term as Republican National Committee Chair! The @GOP must all unite for total victory in 2024! 🐘🇺🇸

@EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP WinRed will never get another penny from us.

@EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP Many in the base are very discouraged with this result. Bad start for 2024.

@EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP Corrupt to the core. Won’t donate a dime to the RNC until I see a reform.

@rhonda_harbison @EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP Kind of weird that @realDonaldTrump's lawyer, @RudyGiuliani, was friends with McGonigal's mistress. Where was his pal Guo Wengui in this situation?

@EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP I will not donate to RNC as long as Ronna McDaniel is Chairwoman of the Republican Party. I urge others to do the same.

@EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP Most republicans don't agree with you

@EliseStefanik @GOPChairwoman @GOP Just here for the ratio. . . But out of touch much, Elise??