There are serious questions about how Biden’s FBI & DOJ have gotten away with corruption for so long. The new Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government will get to the bottom of how these agencies are weaponized against Americans.…

@EliseStefanik They’re serious questions about @EliseStefanik integrity & ethics. Should a corrupt politician be on any committee.

@EliseStefanik Who would you say gets more attention you or your sister?

@EliseStefanik omg just dont let @LindseyGrahamSC get to the bottom of this 😂😂

@EliseStefanik Congresswoman Elise Stefanik's obsession with revenge never ever lets up. She must feel threatened that Donald Trump wants Marjorie Taylor Greene on the ticket and not her! It's no wonder why Elise's college friends want nothing to do with her anymore. She's gone bats**t crazy.

@EliseStefanik There are serious questions about how Trump's @GOP @HouseGOP have gotten away with THEIR corruption for so long. Why isn't there a REPUBLICAN Select Subcommittee on how Republicans helped incite an insurrection & attempted to overthrow the United States government @EliseStefanik