As I’ve said, deplatforming @NEWSMAX is unacceptable. Families rely on this conservative program for news, including in #NY21. It’s very clear bias! The House GOP is examining this in detail now.…

@EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX So you want to interfere with the free market? Clearly @NEWSMAX isn’t generating revenue.

@EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX You guys sure love your state-controlled TV don't ya.

@EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX It looks like a fees versus value assessment How do you plan to show bias over just a business decision?

@EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX It's all about Capitalism as Newsmax is pushing a carriage fee that is too high based on their ratings on Directv. I thought you believed in Capitalism?

@EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX Hmmm, seems like your banner-boy DeSantis can tell all sorts of agencies what to say and do. I thought NEWSMAX and AT & T were private companies. Aren’t they allowed to do whatever makes sense for their bottom line? No?

@EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX What is there to examine? The free market has spoken.

@mwgl @EliseStefanik @NEWSMAX The party of free markets and state's rights sure does get their BVDs in a wad when free markets and states decide what goes on around them !