Did you try to overthrow the government? Are you worried that the rule of law is catching up to you? Thanks to Kevin McCarthy, the attorneys at #InsurrectionLLC are standing by and ready to take your call...

Under Biden & Democrats’ reckless policies, illegal immigrants apprehended at our southern border have been relocated to Upstate NY in the dead of night. I’m leading the charge to STOP this surge. We deserve to know who is coming into our neighborhoods 👇 nypost.com/2023/01/26/rep…

@EliseStefanik They’ve been flying illegal immigrants to EVERY state, not just NY. Especially red states. They want to flip them blue, any way they can.

@EliseStefanik Just like people deserve to know who is serving them in Congress. You endorsed #GeorgeSantos does this mean you knew who he really is? This happened under your watch and the GOP.

@EliseStefanik What is your solution to this complex problem? How about a plan instead of just complaining?

@EliseStefanik I remember the time when the district you are supposed to represent was run but a Dem...the place was flourishing. Since you have been in office; not so much.

@EliseStefanik 30 people is not a surge, you bigot-for-hire