The emotional contrast between the #DerekChauvinVerdict and the killing of #MaKhiaBryant is exactly why we must not use small wins to justify the end of large fights! We must stay steadfast in our pursuit of #PoliceAccountability WE NEED #PoliceReformNOW…

@DerrickNAACP @jtimberlake Just signed it. We need change and we need it now.

@TessaA1281 Not for the teenager girl with a knife we don’t. That cop is a hero. No excuses.

@DerrickNAACP @jtimberlake And now Mad Maxine is inditing more RIOTS. Didn't they try to Impeach President Trump for their Version on INCITEMENT? But, Grand Ma Maxine actually does it on camera and they Turn a Blind eye? Its "Do As I Tell You Not As I Do" mentality AGAIN.

@DerrickNAACP @jtimberlake Children are killed in the streets, parks, beaches in Palestine. Their cities, homes, tiny hearts are shattering. the lands are watered with their blood, the skies are pouring lead. Isn't it time to say stop to this persecution, this genocide?#HearGaza